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Dispatch service tailored for smart truckers

In modern trucking industry, dispatchers play a unique and essential supporting function. We are bridge between freight brokers and carriers to establish a more seamless process inside our trucking industry. You deserve one!


Our promise to drivers

We recognize when times are tough for the trucking industry, but rest assured we will do our best to help you get through them.

Cool Dispatch

Intense negotiations

During the load negotiation process, one way to get through trucking hard times is to fight with the brokers for every dollar. We both know it’s challenging, but we’ll always do our best to deliver it.

Light loads

If the desired amount of money cannot be obtained for the load, we will make every effort to book the lightest load that is feasible. The money saved on fuel and truck maintenance will add up.

Established connections

Working long time in the transportation and developed a trustworthy network of brokers. Before they even publish loads on the load boards, we frequently received direct offers for them.


Every carrier needs good dispatch

The primary focus of a driver should be on the road. Allow your dispatcher to manage everything else, so you can concentrate on driving.

Non forced dispatch

Our dispatch team will determine the appropriate load by leveraging our experience and the available market. Simply say "no" if you do not agree. No hard feelings.

Fair and transparent service

We do operate with an ethical and honest form of business. Our contracts don't contain any surprises or extra costs. Unhappy carriers may leave at any time. No obligations.

Dispatchers do paperwork

Our job is to handle contracts and all related paperwork with brokers. All you have to do is concentrate on the road while getting your hard-earned money.

Special requirements

You have old truck? Then no heavy loads for you. You do not like mountains? Then flat we go. You do not haul pork or alcohol? Respected.

We are your point of contact

Unnecessary phone calls should be avoided when driving. Allow us to update brokers, reschedule delivery times, obtain PO numbers and collect lumper payments.


Dispatch pricing

Grab the package that’s right for you. You can change your mind anytime in the future. 

Per truck, per week.
Billed weekly.
Per truck, per week.
Billed weekly.

Get your cool dispatcher today!

We’ll respond swiftly to discuss about your business needs and develop custom tailored plan of actions for your company.

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