Frequently Asked Dispatch Questions

What your dispatch will do for my business?

In simple terms, partnering with us gives you more time and more money. Many truck owners try to dispatch themselves but end up overwhelmed by paperwork, emails and phone calls. And they miss a chance to book all these good paying loads, because they simply have to drive.

We are here to help you with ALL other tasks: Booking, BOLs,  Broker updates, Factoring, Credit Checks, Reschedule, Detentions, TONU, Layovers…

Having us will allow your business to run smoother and you will have more free time. Time to drive longer, to FaceTime with family, to chill out. That’s up to you.

Remember, when it’s time to book good paying loads, they are gone in minutes. You cannot be focused on the road and load board all the time. It is too stressful and unsafe.

What equipment type do you dispatch?

We dispatch Dry Van, Reefer and Power only trucks.

What services Cool Dispatch provide?

– Find and book loads for your trucks
– Make initial setups with brokers
– Handling BOLs, invoicing brokers
– Coordinate drivers
– Providing updates to the Brokers
– Checking broker’s MC credit
– Appointments rescheduling
– TONU/Layover/Detention assistance

Do I have to sign long term dispatch contract?

Absolutely not! You’re welcome to stay with us for as long as you like. And if there ever comes a time when you’re not satisfied, you’re free to leave without any penalties. Our goal is to have you here because you want to be, not because of any contract obligations.

Do I need to have my own authority?

Even if you don’t have your own MC we will find a carrier for you. We can easily hook you up with some of our existing clients. Trustworthy and verified connection. 

What do you expect from my carrier company?

Your responsibilities include keeping your truck fleet in good condition, being polite and professional as a driver, and ensuring safe deliveries according to laws and regulations. If you encounter any issues or delays, you’d report them to us immediately.

What do I need to start working with you?

Authority with MC number
W-9 Form
Insurance certificate
Dispatch Agreement
Driver information

I am new registered carrier. Will you work with me?

Of course! We’ve all been beginners once. What matters most to us are dedicated and hardworking drivers.

However, when you’re just starting out, it is really hard to book the top-tier loads because many brokers simply do not want to work with you. They prefer carriers with MC authorities that are at least three to six months old.

But don’t worry, at Cool Dispatch, we will do our best to maximize your earnings at the very beginning. 

Do you invoice your dispatch fee in advance?

No. We’ll send you the invoice for our service at the end of each week. Essentially, you’ll pau us after you’ve completed all your deliveries and received payment for them. 

How do I get paid for delivered loads?

We are working for you and on your behalf. Brokers or factoring company will pay you directly to your bank account. We are not receiving any money from brokers or shippers. 

Which email will be used for dispatching: mine or yours?

We can do both ways. It is totally up to you.
Most of our clients prefer to use their email. That way they can see how we perform, communicate and represent their company. 
Another crucial point: If they choose to end doing a business with us in the future, all business correspondence and documents will remain in their account.

Do I need to fill out any papers with brokers?

Nothing. We will take care for all required paperwork. That includes: Initial setups, checking credit, signing agreements and rate confirmations.

I do not wish to haul pork and alcohol. Is that a problem?

Not a problem at all. We completely understand and respect your religious concerns regarding hauling pork or alcohol. We’ll ensure to accommodate your preferences accordingly.

My trailer is 15 years old. Is that a problem?

Not for us. Please note that often brokers require trailers to be 10 years old or newer.

I do not wish to haul over 35K. Is that a problem?

We always aim to book lighter loads whenever possible. However, if such options are unavailable, we may need to consider heavier loads. Simply to save a day.

If you have strict weight limitations for any reason, we will respect it, but please understand that this may limit the number of available load options.

How many straps do I need?

In most cases, 4-6 straps will be enough for 99% of the loads.

How could I operate without a trailer?

If you do not have a trailer, we can book you Power only loads. Alternatively, we have to find “trailer load-out,” where we utilize a broker’s trailer for a designated period, typically between 5 to 10 days, after which it must be returned to the assigned location. 

Can you help me to rent a trailer?

Yes. We do have connections with several trailer providers. However, please note it is usually a waiting list there. In the meantime we can roll you as “power only” truck.

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