Why carriers gladly pay for truck dispatch service?

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To understand why carriers are gladly paying for the dispatch service, let’s try to analyze this situation.

In its pure business essence, money is just the exchange of value! As a dispatcher, all we need to do is provide value to the carriers.

That value could be many different things, depending on our client’s needs and requests.

A wise strategy would be to identify the requirements of carriers and provide matching services accordingly. 

So why carriers pay for dispatch?

Generally speaking, regardless of what you’re doing for the client, they will keep paying for it, but only if they recognize the value in that service.

The dispatcher manages a portion of the carrier’s business tasks, and in doing so, he exchanges his time and skill for money.

On the other side, the carrier is giving up some money in exchange for more free time. That time could have been spent making his job safer and more efficient, or for personal reasons such as talking with family, watching Netflix, and so on.

Most of the carriers are overburdened with their daily driving tasks, weather and traffic conditions, or a disrupted sleep schedule. They simply do not want to think about adding anything else to their plate. On top of everything else they’re already doing, they should start looking for loads, negotiating, and doing paperwork and administrative tasks. They would rather pay someone to handle those tasks for them. They employ us. Dispatchers.

Because, on the other hand, we sit in front of the computer all day, focused on our daily tasks:

We’re calling all day long to get the best deals possible, according to the current market conditions.

By sending emails and providing timely updates to the brokers, we establish the best business connections and represent the carrier in a professional manner.

By checking ELD regulations and planning the days ahead, we are protecting carriers from safety violations.

By sending fully reviewed invoices to the factoring company on time, we are increasing the company’s cash flow.

Hope you now understand better about this business bond and why carriers gladly pay for the dispatch services.

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